Growing and caring for houseplants that grow in living pictures or interior living walls is not fundamentally different from growing and caring for houseplants that we have planted in pots.

As with other indoor potted plants, we also need to enable and correct the key factors that affect plant growth: light, water and suitable temperature for plants that are planted vertically (in living pictures or living walls).


Light is extremely important for plants; suitable lighting accelerates growth, the plants are beautifully colored, sufficiently firm and woody, and they form flowers and new shoots at an accelerated rate. They grow luxuriantly.

If we do not provide the plants with enough light, the plants will grow in length, they will be fragile and pale in color.

If you cannot provide good lighting conditions in your space for the growth of plants in a living picture or living wall, you can also help yourself with artificial light. Gas and mercury lamps with assimilation beams, as well as ordinary light bulbs (40-60 W) are used for these purposes.

When choosing the location of a living painting or a living wall, try to match the lighting conditions offered by the selected location with the lighting conditions required by the selected types of plants.


Temperatures that are important for plant growth range from:

  • Demanding plants: 18 – 20 °C
  • Medium demanding plants: 15 – 18 °C
  • Less demanding plants: 10 – 15 °C.

The optimum temperature for germination is between 20-22 °C, for photosynthesis 25 °C.


Most plants do well if they are watered thoroughly and only watered again when the soil dries out. Our planting module system has developed an optimal watering system. We have developed and technologically perfected the watering trough in such a way that you avoid all the problems of *improper watering.

*Frequent watering in small quantities is not suitable, as the water mostly soaks only the upper, least important layer of the soil, and the root system of the plants remains dried out. Even more harmful is frequent overwatering, as it causes water to stagnate and insufficient air in the soil, giving bacteria and fungi ideal conditions for reproduction.

The watering chute in the IKO9 living wall module is designed in such a way that the watering is focused primarily on the root part of the plants, and all excess water drains into the water tank. Simply drain the latter through the drain pipe with a stopper.

*Do not throw away the excess water that you emptied from the reservoir, use it for the next watering.

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