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Decorative moss - Pacific Green

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The moss walls and pictures we make will completely amaze you and conjure up an environment of well-being. In the selected room where moss is present, you can feel the positive influence of this natural element on your well-being and mood. With its image of miniature trees, moss has a similar effect on us as a forest - it stimulates cognitive abilities. Moss is also hypoallergenic, which means it reduces your risk of allergic reactions. You also don't have to do any work or maintenance with moss, as it is prepared with a natural process so that it does not need any care.

The use of natural materials in our rooms has a positive effect on our well-being, and decorative moss has some exceptional properties:

  • Its growth/texture makes it an excellent soundproofing material.
  • Due to its porosity, it is able to regulate the humidity in the room and also acts as a humidity indicator and prevents excessive humidity in the room; when the humidity in the room falls below 35%, the moss becomes hard, because the "dry" environment also draws moisture from it, but when it increases, the moss softens again and gives you an idea of ​​the humidity in the room.
  • Moss is a non-combustible material, which was also reported by the SINTEF society (Norwegian Pyrotechnic Society, NS-EN ISO 11925-2 (2010).
  • Because of its shape, which imitates miniature trees, it affects us similarly to a forest - it stimulates cognitive abilities.
  • Moss is hypoallergenic (reduces the risk of allergic reactions).
  • Since it is prepared with it, there is no additional work, it does not need watering, it does not need nutrients, it does not need special care.
  • It does not lose its appeal over time.

The moss we use in our company is of the highest quality, it comes from Norway and is hand-picked and prepared in accordance with strict nature conservation and health standards (ISO 14001 (2004), ISO 9001 (2008)) .

    Colored moss is an indispensable design element that fits perfectly into any room.

    This moss is turquoise in color.