Hexagon Hive - Special edition 33x29

Hexagon Hive - Special edition 33x29

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The hexagons depict the shape of the hive. They are made from slats of Beech wood. The wood is raw, without coating.


Width: 33 cm

Height: 29 cm

Depth: 6cm

We have available empty hives that can serve as shelves, and hives with moss filling, which together form a unique combination. You can put together any number of compositions. Moss fillers are available in all the color shades that you can find on the map.

The Panj Special edition hexagon comes in a combination of two color shades, namely Medium Green and Spring Green.

If you want to combine other shades, send your order to info@livingwalls.si

They are attached to the wall with a small metal hanger, which you receive together with the product.

The warranty on moss products is 3 years. The lifespan of moss products is more than 10 years.