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Decorative moss – Standard

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The moss walls and pictures we make will completely amaze you and conjure up an environment of well-being. In the selected room where moss is present, you can feel the positive influence of this natural element on your well-being and mood. With its image of miniature trees, moss has a similar effect on us as a forest - it stimulates cognitive abilities. Moss is also hypoallergenic, which means it reduces your risk of allergic reactions. You also don't have to do any work or maintenance with moss, as it is prepared with a natural process so that it does not need any care.

Do you want to permanently and effortlessly brighten up and green your apartment, workplace or any boring surface? Our products are the right choice for you! Our products are made from deer lichen, the scientific name is Cladonia rangiferina , and in Slovenian, the phrase decorative moss is used for marketing purposes. Decorative moss allows you to permanently beautify the space according to your wishes. Due to the large range of colors, we can satisfy almost every taste and need. You can choose any color shade for your product and combine them as you wish (up to three color shades).

A panel of decorative moss has a very calming effect, brings nature into the room and stimulates cognitive abilities. Each product is unique. The decorative moss is natural and processed in such a way that it remains permanent and does not attract insects.

Watering and any kind of maintenance is not necessary . The products are fireproof according to ISO standard ISO 11925-2 (2010), and also comply with ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO 14001 (2004).

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If desired, the product can be framed with a wooden or aluminum frame for an additional fee, more information

Made in Slovenia.

The hanging product can be hung like a picture on the wall, permanently fixed with screws and wall plugs or glued with various adhesives. Lying products are fixed depending on the conditions.

*Standard means that the size is standard and that the pattern is simple or simpler (one shade or up to three shades in a random pattern or a two-shade gradient)